What is the Affiliate Data Center?

The Affiliate Data Center is perfect for absolute beginners and current internet marketers. Inside are easy to follow step by step guides and information showing exactly how internet marketing experts make unrealistic amounts of money online.

All members receive instant access to videos, step-by-step guides, tutorials, illustrations, online help, video tutorials, forums and everything else you need to make money online.

Affiliate Data Center Features

How to Guides
Want to know how to do something, but not quite sure about the best way to do it? Simply look at our "How to Guides" section to find the guide you're looking for.

Video Tutorials
We have a huge amount of video tutorials (all with audio) that show you strategies and techniques which may be too difficult to learn in articles or guides. All our video tutorials are nearly full screen in size, so you will be able to see everything that we are doing

Learn the strategies the top internet marketers use to make thousands of dollars in sales every day. We have specific strategies for Affiliates, Vendors, Search Engine Optimization, Websites, and more.

Quick Startup Guides
Are you a beginner and want to start up quickly? Simply use our "Quick Startup" guides to get started internet marketing as quickly as possible. We have quick startup guides for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced users

Text Advertisements
We have professionally created over 100 different text advertisements for a variety of different products that you can use on pay per click search engines to successfully adverise with

Success Forum
Chat with other internet marketers about strategies, questions, or tips. Also, if you ever get lost, confused, or just need some help you can ask any question and it is usually answered before 24 hours.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Learn how to successfully advertise website on pay per click search engines. I give you video tutorials, guides, and strategies telling you exactly how to become successful with any pay per click search engine.

Search Engine Optimization
No other online internet marketing network gives you tips on both pay per click and search engine optimization strategies. We are the first to give you strategies, tips, video tutorials, and guides on both subjects.

Product Reviews
Wondering whether that product is worth the money? We have reviewed some of the most popular internet marketing ebooks and software so you don't need to waste money on the wrong product.

Affiliate Strategies
We show you some of the most powerful affiliate strategies that will allow you to dramatically increase your daily sales and daily profit rates.

Merchant Strategies
We show you what you need to do in order to increase sales, increase search engine rankins, lower refund rates, and gather more affiliates for your products.

Data Vault
This is where we contain an enormous amount of information we have found on the internet including videos, tutorials, articles, etc. All of which help you to dramatically increase your earning potential.

Keyword Lists
The right keyword lists can make you rich overnight, this is why we have created many keyword lists (over 150,000 keywords total) for the most popular products on the internet. If you don't see the keyword list you're looking for, we will create one for you.

Grouped Keywords
Pay per click search engines are beginning to reward advertisers that have similar keywords grouped together, so we have grouped all of our keywords within our keyword lists to keep you on the cutting edge of internet marketing strategies.

Keyword Competition Data
What use is a large keyword list if you don't know the keyword competition data. We display search numbers, overture competition, Google competition, and Miva competition information next to all of our keywords to help your success go through the roof

Search Engine Reviews
Want to know which search engines are the best and worth investing time into? We review the top search engines telling you which ones will make you money and which ones will lose money

Online Tools
Some of the most powerful and useful tools for internet marketing are well hidden and free. We tell you which tools are the best of the best.

Google AdWords, Yahoo SM, MSN AdCenter
We give you video tutorials, guides, and stratgies covering all of these major search engines. Who better to create these guides than Steven Holdaway who is currently a Certified Google Advertising Professional and a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador.

Much Much More...
We have only began to list all the features contained within the Affiliate Data Center. We do not want our competition to know some of the things we offer our customers, but you can see them all by signing into your account.

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The Affiliate Data Center will show you how to make money online with internet marketing by giving you unlimited access to video tutorials, step by step guides, how to guides, strategies, online support, and through hundreds of other resources all located within the Affiliate Data Center.

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